May 2016 Mission Trip


May 2016 Trip to Haiti




 Team Members: Randy Starkey, Aubrey Starkey (Conway, NC), Jeremy Tamer (Travelers Rest, SC), Matt Munday (Lincolnton, NC)

Dear Friends,

Our preparations for our next mission trip to Haiti are now under way. We are scheduled to return May 9–16. As usual, our success largely depends on many of you. Many of you have been faithful to support the ministry we have been privileged to participate in now for many years and we are extremely grateful. Our upcoming trip needs are focused in 3 areas, 1) Traveling Expenses, 2) Solar Power Maintenance, 3) Pastor's Conference. Each of these areas require us to raise the necessary funds in order to make this ministry possible.


Traveling Expenses

Our typical cost involved in a trip remain at $1200 per person. This includes airfare, room & board, transportation, and various other in country costs (taxes, gas, contingency, etc.) At this moment we need to raise $1700 towards this category. If you desire to help
toward this expense, we would be grateful. Information about how to contribute will follow at the end of this report. Any additional funds raised beyond the need will go toward ministry projects in Haiti during the trip.

Solar Power Maintenance

Link to Solar Power Installation Video (May 2014):


In May 2014 we were blessed to install a solar power system in the mission house which afforded us a great deal of ministry opportunities. The system included a 1500w inverter, a power controller, 5-300w solar panels, and 16-6v deep cell batteries. Our system is a 24v system, therefore the 16-6v batteries are put in series and then paralleled to make 4-24v batteries. We have now learned the difficulty that the extreme conditions place on such batteries reducing their lifespan dramatically. Knowledge of how to maintain these batteries is low which has also contributed to some issues. Currently the batteries are running very poorly and need to be replaced. We have learned that maintenance free batteries endure much better and cost only a small fraction more. 8-12v maintenance free batteries will cost approx. $3000 and will sustain a longer life. We must replace all the batteries at the same time. If new batteries are paralleled with old ones the new ones will deplete to the level of the old in only a short amount of time. We need your help to fund this project.


Finally, we will conduct a pastor's conference during the weekend. We hold 2 of these each year with 12 leaders. We house these leaders at the mission house and hold the conference from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. The mission house has proven to be a great asset in this process. The cost for each pastor is $50 which covers their room & board as
well as necessary materials. Since the Haitians are unable to pay this cost, we must raise the support. We need your help in order to continue equipping leaders to minister in their own context.


The amount of funds that we must raise often seem insurmountable, but God has proven faithful over the past 12 years that we have been blessed to participate in this ministry. I see no reason to doubt Him now. God has graced us with faithful friends who have sacrificed to make this possible and we pray this will continue. Please consider whether or not you might participate with us in this gospel opportunity to engage the people of Haiti with the gospel, equip leaders to carry out the work of the ministry, and encourage the saints in Haiti.

If you would like to contribute to any of these needs, here is how you can do so:

1) You can write a check to "Love That Builds" and mail it to:

Love That Builds
405 Copper Ct.
Greer, SC 29651

Please indicate the area you would like to contribute to on the memo line as follows:

a. Travel Expenses - "1mission"

b. Solar Power Maintenance - "Solar"

c. Pastor Conference - "Pastors"

2) You can donate through Paypal by clicking the following link to the Love That Builds website. From there click on the "Donate" tab and follow the directions. However, if you choose this method and want to designate toward a particular need above, you will need to notify Randy (randy@1missiononline.org) of your wish since the Paypal site doesn't allow you to indicate designation. I assure you that your contribution will be applied to the appropriate area.

Paypal donations: http://www.lovethatbuilds.com

Any donations not designated will be applied in order of the above presented needs until each need is fully funded.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of this Haiti mission!

For His Glory Alone,

Randy Starkey




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